Weird Nature Meet Giuliano Stroe, The Strongest Kid In The World  

Mick Jacobs

At only 13 years old, Giuliano Stroe can perform feats of strength that most adults would never even consider trying. In the video below, Stroe shows off the workout regiments and exercises that turned him into the strongest kid in the world.

Known as the little Hulk, Stroe and his younger brother Claudio adhere to strict routines to keep themselves in shape. The boys' father encourages his sons' workouts, which many say might present the boys with unexpected side effects.

Given the fact these boys haven't fully gone through adolescence as of yet, experts worry the stress placed on their young bodies could damage them in the long run. 

Issues with their bones and muscles could arise if their training continues. Watch the video of these two strongmen strongboys below, and consider if you would ever put your children such a gauntlet.