The Top Clothing Brands in the World

Top fashion brands: The hottest clothing lines from all over the world are listed here. What are the best fashion brands in the world? The clothing and apparel companies listed here come to mind when you think of style, quality, and making a fashion statement. Whether you're interested in luxury fashion brands, mid-range designer labels, or mass market clothing lines, this stylish brands list can be your one-stop shop for learning about clothing and apparel brands with the best reputations in the fashion industry.

These are the clothing brands that as a satisfied consumer, you are happy to buy time and again -- or if money were no object, you'd empty your wallet on these designer labels, filling up your closet with dresses, shirts, pants, and jeans that are all to die for. So, what are the world's best fashion brands, in your opinion?

This list features the best clothing companies with hot designs for any age, helping you find fashion brands you already know and discover new ones. If you are looking for popular luxury clothes company names, celebrity clothing lines, sportswear, designer jeans, hip hop clothing, you name it -- these are the top fashion brands and clothing companies in the world. If you want more fashion lists check out the Ranker men's fashion designers and women's shoe designers list. 
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