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Delicious Foods to Eat Before They Go Extinct

Updated 12 Feb 2020 4.8k votes 681 voters 97.0k views12 items

Are your favorite foods disappearing? Due to climate change, deforestation, and a whole host of other (mostly man-made) reasons, some of the most delicious grub on the planet is going extinct. We're not talking exotic sea creatures and rare strains of flax seed. Foods like chocolate, wine, and honey may all be unavailable for sale in the near future.

Image a world in which breakfasts are no longer doused in maple syrup. Or, one where baseball games are entirely peanut-free. Even worse: a planet entirely devoid of coffee. It's not just the stuff of your most terrifying nightmares. These endangered foods are all in jeopardy of disappearing completely.

Get these tasty treats and disappearing foods before they're gone!
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