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12 Merciless Plants That Will Go Out Of Their Way To End Your Life

When most people think of plants, they picture beautiful beds of flowers or sturdy trees to fill out a front lawn. Most don't picture savage organisms that can destroy you almost instantly - but it's completely true. 

Some deadly plants get into your food, some produce deadly toxins that can be transferred through touch. These most deadly plants seem like they have a mean streak in them, and with the way they go out of their way to end you, you'd be right to be a little afraid.

Some of the most dangerous plants are pretty or unassuming, and can get into your system simply because they seem harmless. After all, who would think a pretty blue flower would kill you upon being picked, or that taking shelter from the rain under a tree would end in blindness?

So, if you're ready to learn about dangerous plants, and hopefully learn to avoid them, read on. You may find out some of these plants are ones you've come in contact with before!