The World's Smallest Horse Is Named Einstein And He's So Cute It Hurts

Sometimes, the world gives you a gift you didn't even know you needed – as is the case with a tiny horse named Einstein. This adorable miniature horse is a bundle of energy, and yet, when he was born, he was only six pounds and 14 inches tall. Since then, he's grown a little bit – but not enough to catch up to his mom or dad. 

Einstein the mini horse is technically not the smallest horse in the world, but he is the smallest proportional horse. A dwarf horse named Thumbelina holds the technical title of smallest horse. But Einstein is still really, really tiny. He was born in New Hampshire to two other miniature horses, and, much to his owner's surprise, he was even tinier than he was supposed to be. However, despite his short stature, he's made a big name for himself. He's been featured in magazines, on TV shows, and even has his own book about all the cute friends he lives with. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a cuteness overload – because Einstein is literally one of the cutest things we've ever seen. 

Photo: Einstein Minihorse / YouTube

  • Einstein's Parents Are Both Champion Miniature Horses

    Einstein's Parents Are Both Champion Miniature Horses
    Video: YouTube

    Einstein was born in 2010 at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, NH, owned by Judy Smith. His two parents were two champion miniature horses at the farm, but they were average size for their breed. Typically, newborn miniature foals weigh about 16 pounds when they are born and measure at 15 to 22 inches tall. Adults stand between 34 to 38 inches. But even after Einstein reached maturation, he was still only the size of a baby. 

  • Is He A Dwarf Horse Or A Miniature Horse?

    Is He A Dwarf Horse Or A Miniature Horse?
    Video: YouTube

    Believe it or not, there is a distinction between the two. All miniature horses are born with some genetic signs of dwarfism, but not all minis actually display traits of dwarfism (or are affected by it). These genetic markers also occur in large horses, too, but they are much more common in miniature horses. What determines whether a horse has dwarfism is whether they have the characteristics of it. Specifically, if a horse's head is disproportionate to its body, then it demonstrates dwarfism. Einstein shows no signs of being a dwarf horse, as he is perfectly proportionate.

  • He's Got His Own Book

    As if he wasn't cute enough in person, he's got his own adorable book called A Friend for Einstein, the Smallest Stallion. His owners – Dr. Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell – co-authored the book about Einstein and his animal friends, which include a boxer named Lilly, a tortoise named Saratuga, and two dwarf Nigerian goats named Eleanor and Isabelle. Awww!!!