Unspeakable Times

The World's Youngest Serial Killer Was Arrested At Age 8 

April A Taylor
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In June 2007, Amardeep Sada, also known as Amarjeet Sada, became one of the world's creepiest children who belong in horror movies after news spread of his offenses. He took the lives of multiple children in his village in India. He shocked locals and people worldwide as reports of his horrifying actions spread quickly. 

However, Sada's youth, in conjunction with how despicable his actions were, caused his story to gain notoriety. Some of the details about the case remain shrouded in mystery. Despite this, some very interesting facts are available, along with numerous photographs of the young killer.

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He Doesn't Know The Difference Between Right And Wrong

This horrifying and odd case attracted attention from the media and psychologists. Shamshad Hussain, a psychoanalyst, told reporters that Sada was likely a sadist who found injuring others pleasurable. Another member of the psychology field pointed out that Sada didn't appear to have any concept of right and wrong. Eventually, doctors diagnosed the boy with a conduct disorder.

It is believed that this chemical imbalance can be successfully treated with medication. 

He Couldn't Legally Be Tried As An Adult

In the US, a child who commits an especially heinous offense can legally be tried as an adult. India has different rules, which prevented Sada from facing any lifelong legal consequences. In fact, the absolute longest sentence Sada could face was three years in a juvenile facility. Understandably, there were many questions about Sada's mental state. Information regarding his conviction, sentencing, and any subsequent imprisonment was not publicly released. Some speculate that he spent three years in a psychiatric facility.

Amardeep Sada contacted the media in 2015 to report that he was staying in a youth home until the age of 18. 

It's Believed That He's Living Free Under An Assumed Name

Sada would have received full freedom on his 18th birthday. This happened in 2016, so he presumably left the youth home behind and started the next chapter of his life. Some reports indicate that the young man has changed his name to "Samarjit" to help protect his privacy.