The Worst Action Heroes Of All Time

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While good action heroes always rise to the occasion and overcome the odds to save the day, bad action heroes do anything but. Often overshadowed by their bigger, better counterparts, these awful action heroes are known for blundering, fubbing, and generally sucking all the fun out of whatever movie or show they’re in. Whether they’re purposely bad (like Sam Larson in True Memoirs of an Assassin) or accidentally bad (like Goku in the live action Dragonball Evolution), these characters are known for being the worst action heroes in film and TV history.

Some actors, like Vin Diesel and Tom Cruise, have managed to maintain their careers in spite of their bad choices, but other actors haven’t been as lucky. Chris O'Donnell’s painful portrayal as Robin and Shia Labeouf's awkward role as Mutt Williams in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull managed to damage each actor’s action career.

Which of these characters do you think did the worst job? Vote up the worst fictional action heroes, and add your own picks if they’re missing from the list.

  • Goku


    Dragonball Evolution
    23 votes
  • Cypher Raige

    Cypher Raige

    After Earth
    13 votes
    • Played By: Will Smith
    Cypher Raige is a fictional character from After Earth.
  • Rip Thomas

    Rip Thomas

    No Holds Barred
    11 votes
  • Sgt. Jake Carter

    Sgt. Jake Carter

    The Marine 3: Homefront
    11 votes
    • Played By: The Miz
    Sgt. Jake Carter is a fictional character from the 2013 film The Marine 3: Homefront.
  • Sam Larson

    Sam Larson

    True Memoirs of an Assassin
    14 votes
  • Shane Wolfe

    Shane Wolfe

    The Pacifier
    21 votes
    • Played By: Vin Diesel
    Shane Wolfe is a fictional character from the 2005 film The Pacifier.