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Millennials Reveal The Worst Advice And Wisdom They've Heard From Baby Boomers

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It's no secret millennials get a ton of bad advice from baby boomers. While some boomers actually pay attention to how the world changed since their youth, others remain stuck in the past. Some baby boomer advice to millennials means well while being misguided, like when they insist the best way to find a job is physically handing out your resume to managers. Never mind they told you to apply online, it's all about working hard! On the more drastic spectrum, baby boomer advice to millennials gets outright ludicrous, like blaming millennials for killing the diamond industry or Laura Palmer. Some of the worst advice to millennials is more than misguided, it's morally wrong, such as insisting interracial dating goes against "nature." Sure, Jan.

Check out what Reddit millennials have to say about the most ridiculous advice they've received about how to hustle your way through adulthood. If you're a millennial, you might find something you'll relate to - and if you're a baby boomer, you might find a reason to reconsider the next piece of advice you give the millennials in your life. 

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    Go To The Most Expensive School Possible

    From WickedGingah:

    "'Drop out of local community college and RUN, don't walk to most expensive state school in the country. A degree from a community college isn't worth anything.'

    "Naturally this exchange occurred while I was working so I hid my 'f*ck-off-and-die' face behind a polite smile and said I would consider it."

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    Just Put Your Rent On A Payment Plan

    From sonofaresiii:

    "'You're having trouble making your rent? Just call up the owner and ask if they can reduce it for a little while or put you on a payment plan.'

    "Mom, no. Maybe that works for some people somewhere, but my owner is a huge company out of state. They don't cut me a break out of the kindness of their heart. If I'm late they charge a fee, and if I'm still late a month later they sue me."

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    Interracial Dating Is Wrong

    From GingerHiro:

    "Dad told me when I was young that interracial relationships would never work. He said that 'there's a reason the black birds are with black birds and the red birds are with the red birds. Its just nature.' I've been with my ethnically different girlfriend for a long time now. Probably the best person I've ever met."

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    Random Luck Apparently Counts As A Life Plan

    From dreamqueen9103:

    "I was getting my master's degree and we had a guest lecturer come in. He had been CEO of a small company for many years. He basically told us that he stumbled into the job right out of college because he didn't know what to do and gave it a shot. They gave him the assistant CEO position because he had been the assistant manager at a movie theater for a summer. And then tw years later he became the CEO.

    "He was basically telling this entire glass of people getting their advance degrees in the hopes to get his position that he got his job on a whim 30 years ago."

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