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The Rock Stars Who Have Aged the Worst

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Regardless of status, each and every one of us will eventually succumb to aging - if we're fortunate enough to live long enough to do so. Rockstars, unlike the everyday man, are known for living notoriously outrageous lifestyles of excess. While this may not be true for all rockers, it is certainly the case for many. Long hours, weeks on the road, after parties, numerous lovers, and an assortment of alcohol and party favors can take a toll on anyone.

Which old rock stars are looking a little worse for the wear? Which don't look like they are actually aging at all? This list will help us all figure it out. 

Here are rock stars who have aged the worst (and the best, if they are at the bottom of this list), ranked by the public. Vote up the rockers you think have aged poorly, and vote down the ones you think they have aged well. (Bon Jovi, anyone?) When it comes to these rockers, age doesn't necessarily factor into a less than rebel appearance. 

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