2018 The Worst Airline Passengers Of 2018  

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Airline horror stories are par for the course for frequent travelers, which is understandable to a certain degree. The stress of flying tends to bring out the worst in people and we've all certainly been guilty of some bad airport behavior. But human empathy has its limits and the worst airline passengers of 2018 are beyond even the smallest sliver of sympathy. These annoying airline behaviors range from the disgusting to the downright despicable. 

What sins have the most annoying airline passengers committed this year? From disgusting acts of desecration to erratically terrifying behaviors, these stories will make you never want to set foot on an airplane again. Which of these terrible airline passengers from 2018 is truly the worst? Vote up the most horrific behavior below.

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A Woman At The Denver Airport Didn't Clean Up Her Dog's Feces
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On June 26, 2018, a woman at the Denver International Airport walked her dog through the terminal. As her dog defecated on the airport carpet, she continued to chat on her phone, leaving the waste behind. A fellow traveler caught the incident on tape, saying "Hey, your dog just sh*t all over the carpet." The woman responded by flipping the bird


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United Plane Forced To Land After Man Desecrates Bathroom
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While the airline initially reported the emergency landing was due to "a disruptive passenger," United could not get around the sordid reason a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong ended up grounded in Alaska. Police officials told reporters a passenger had "dirtied" some bathrooms on the flight, but disgusting details revealed that was a gross understatement. The man reportedly smeared his ~#2~ all over the plane's bathrooms and tried to flush his shirt down the toilet. The smell and sight was so disgusting, it warranted an unplanned touchdown in Anchorage, where the plane was held overnight for maintenance.

The man was immediately handed over to authorities upon landing, and was reportedly cooperative. In addition to his meeting with airport officials and police officers, the FBI has launched an investigation. It is unclear what the man's motivations were, but hopefully a thorough investigation will yield some answers.

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A Drunk Man Urinated All Over Another Passenger


On August 17, 2018, a 24-year-old man from the US urinated on a 50-year-old Japanese passenger on a trans-Pacific flight from Chicago to Japan. The man reportedly had four flutes of champagne and a sake prior to takeoff. 

The man was restrained by crew on the All Nippon Airways plane and police arrested him upon landing. The culprit has no recollection of the incident. 

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A Man On A United Flight Masturbated On Board

On a flight from London to Chicago, a male passenger aboard a United Flight was caught masturbating under a blanket while seated next to two women. The horrified female passengers notified the flight attendants, who immediately moved them to different seats. The incident caused notable bad PR for United, as the flight attendants reportedly made jokes about the incident and made no attempt to stop the man. 

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