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The Worst Airports for Delays

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List of worst airports for delays. The most delayed airports in the world are found on this list and can be sorted by any column. List of inconvenient airports with the most delays is ordered by rank and can be copied or reordered to make your very own list of the worst airport to land in or depart from. You don't want memories of your top ten vacations to be marred with bad travel delays.
  • 1

    Beijing Capital International Airport

    Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Percentage of on-time departures: 47.86%
  • 2

    Manchester Airport

    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Percentage of on-time departures: 49.11%
  • 3

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

    Mumbai, India
    Percentage of on-time arrivals: 49.95%
  • 4
    Percentage of on-time arrivals: 50.89%
  • 5

    Venice Marco Polo Airport

    Venice, Scorzè
    Percentage of on-time departures: 53.59%
  • 6

    Mohammed V International Airport

    Nouaceur Province
    Percentage of on-time arrivals: 53.83%
  • 7

    Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport

    Institut Eurécom, Sophia Antipolis
    Percentage of on-time departures: 56.31%
  • 8
    Percentage of on-time departures: 57.83%
  • 9

    Bengaluru International Airport

    Bangalore, India
    Percentage of on-time arrivals: 60.16%
  • 10

    Il Caravaggio International Airport

    Milan, Italy
    Percentage of on-time arrivals: 60.55%