15 Of The Worst Alcoholic Drinks, According To The People Who Have Drank Them

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Did someone say happy hour? When drinks are cheap you blind yourself and are willing to have even the most horrible drinks, right? If you are one of those drinkers these stories will most definitely resonate very well with you. Check them out and vote for the drinks you'll never have again! 

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    Vodka With Milk

    From Redditor u/ThisIsABurnerAccouny:

    Once mixed vodka with milk. That’s right Reddit gets mad, I deserve it.

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    Sanke Wine

    From Redditor u/WhiskeyTangoFoxy:

    Snake wine. In Vietnam, they take a live snake and drown it in rice wine/liquor.

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    Don't You Ever Dare to Try Malört

    From Redditor u/KaleidoscopeVast9290:

    Malört. Even remembering tasting it makes me sick.

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    99 Bananas Tastes Like Nail Polish Remover

    From Redditor u/throwingplaydoh:

    The worst I've tried is 99 Bananas, straight. My first drink. Tasted like nail polish remover.

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    Anything With Anise

    From Redditor u/jorsiem:

    Anise liquor, Absinthe/Sambucca/Aguardiente I just hate anise.

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    Moonshine Does Not Shine At All

    From Redditor u/aquaqmar:

    Moonshine. Melted right through my paper cup.

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