The 15 Worst 'American Dad!' Episodes Ever

After the success of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane decided to create a new show, American Dad! Unlike its contemporaries, American Dad! doesn't rely so much on cutaway gags, instead deriving humor from its cast of wacky characters and their mostly relatable storylines. Fans have tuned in season after season to see what crazy adventures they get into next, but the show's shenanigans haven't always struck the right chord. This list counts down the worst American Dad! episodes of all time. 

These episodes are bad for a variety of reasons. Some episodes show beloved characters acting completely different than normal. Others just aren't that funny with bad American Dad! moments at each corner. Every fan has their own opinion about which episode to skip when doing rewatches. Bad episodes can be found throughout the series' run from earlier seasons to newer ones that are still a little rough around the edges. 

Vote for what you think are the worst episodes of American Dad! ever. These episodes all generally have bad reviews or courted controversy in the worst way. Share your opinion to let other TV fans know which episodes they can skip.