The 15 Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers Of All Time

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It’s been over a decade since Tyra Banks’s reality sensation first sashayed onto our TV screens in 2003, but you better believe that America’s Next Top Model is back and fiercer than ever with the queen bee herself at the helm. While there may be a lot of changes on the horizon for this year’s cycle, such as a 42-year-old grandmother joining the ranks, there is one ANTM tradition that can and will never die, and that's the tradition of terrible Top Model makeovers.

Although the show's models are styled by world class professionals, there’s no denying that after 24 cycles there's a clear distinction between good makeovers and bad makeovers on ANTM. Sometimes it’s a slip of the shears, other times it’s a color job gone wrong, but the result is always the same: it creates pure, unadulterated drama. Decide for yourself which America's Next Top Model glamour misstep reigns supreme.