The Worst Amusement Park Rides To Get Stuck On

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While uncommon, amusement park mishaps do happen and they occasionally leave innocent tourists trapped on rides for hours on end. When it comes to the worst rides to be stuck on, the possibilities are endless. Imagine enduring a grueling theme park line only to have a pleasant experience go horribly awry. Who would want to be left teetering on the edge of Splash Mountain or enduring the eerie gaze of animatronic eyes on It's A Small World for hours on end? Here, you can help decide which rides would be the absolute worst to end up trapped on in the event of a malfunction. 

There are some annoying rides to be stuck on where you'd face the possibility of being serenaded for hours on end by grating music or overstimulation via dazzlingly bright imagery. There are also the truly bad and even dangerous situations you could find yourself in. Imagine being stuck upside down, suspended from towering heights, or being held back from certain death by an incredibly uncomfortable shoulder strap. As you imagine undergoing such unpleasant experiences, be sure to vote up the worst amusement park rides to get stuck on below! 

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  • X- Scream
    Stratosphere Las Vegas

      Why It Would Suck:

      -Stuck on a giant teeter-totter for drunk people, dangling helplessly in the Vegas sun, 866 feet off the ground and 27 feet from solid ground of any sort.

      -High possibility that you are intoxicated and trapped on a ride for an indefinite period with no access to a restroom. 

    • Insanity: The Ride
      Stratosphere Las Vegas
      • Opened In: 2005

      Why It Would Suck: 

      -Your life would literally be in the hands of a massive mechanical arm extending out 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.

      -Dangling over the old Las Vegas strip from 900 feet for an indefinite period of time.  

    • X2


      Six Flags Magic Mountain

        Why It Would Suck: 

        -More or less designed specifically to give you a complete sensory overload.

        -Not only does the coaster include all sorts of odd angles and headfirst drops, the seats also rotate 360 degrees, so who knows what position you could end up in if stuck.

        -There are flame throwers. Yes, really. 

      • Green Lantern

        Green Lantern

        Six Flags Great Adventure

          Why It Would Suck: 

          -Requires you to remain standing as you careen through the air, held in place merely by an uncomfortable bicycle-like seat and a shoulder harness. 

          -High odds of getting stuck upside down or in a super uncomfortable position with the shoulder strap digging into your flesh as your only hope of survival in the event of a malfunction. 

        • Superman: Escape From Krypton

          Superman: Escape From Krypton

          Six Flags

            Why It Would Suck:

            -Not for the faint of heart in general, whether it gets stuck or not. If you should however, there's a chance you could end up stick 415 feet off the ground. 

            -There's also the whole launching straight up at 90 degree angle while backwards part. Should you get stuck during the initial launch, you'd be forced to stare hundreds of feet down, right at the ground.

          • Kingda Ka
            Six Flags
            • Opened In: 2005-05-21
            • Ride Type: Roller coaster
            • Height (m): 139.0
            • Max Speed (km/h): 206.0
            • G Force: 5.0
            • Drop (m): 127.0

            Why It Would Suck: 

            -If the slight chance of getting stuck 45 stories in the sky is your idea of a good time, then riding North America's tallest roller coaster is a gamble for you.

            -If you don't make it to the top, you'll find yourself face to face at a 90 degree angle with the sun.

            -Or perhaps stuck at any point along the 270 degree spiral that leads back down.

            -Or somewhere along the 129 foot camel hump. 

          • Full Throttle
            Six Flags
            • Opened In: 2013-06-22
            • Max Speed (km/h): 112.7

            Why It Would Suck:

            -Features one of the world's tallest vertical loops, leaving the possibility of getting stuck upside down at 160 feet

            -According to this review of someone who actually got stuck, the park may or may not be overly concerned about consoling you should it happen to you.

          • Colossus
            Thorpe Park
            • Opened In: 2002-03-22
            • Ride Type: Roller coaster
            • Height (m): 30.0
            • Max Speed (km/h): 72.42048
            • G Force: 4.2
            • Drop (m): 29.0

            Why It Would Suck:

            -Contains 10 inversions, including a vertical loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew, and a quadruple barrel roll. Basically, no good part of this huge coaster to be stuck on. 

          • Riddler's Revenge
            Six Flags Magic Mountain
            • Opened In: 1997
            • Ride Type: Roller coaster train
            • Height (m): 33
            • Max Speed (km/h): 80
            • Theme Area: Gotham City
            • Drop (m): 45.0

            Why It Would Suck:

            -You're secured by a shoulder strap and situated atop a banana bike seat, squeezing all the most unfortunate parts of your body while you're standing.

            -Most upside down action of any stand-up in the world. Lovely if you're careening through it, but imagine standing upside down, stuck 156 feet in the air.

          • Kraken


            Sea World Orlando

              Why It Would Suck: 

              -Orlando's only floor-less roller coaster, so any comfort you might find in the sides or floor of your car vanish. You'd be faced with hovering helplessly 150 feet in the air with nothing but an uncomfortable shoulder strap standing between you and death.

              -Everything above plus the possibility of being upside down.

            • It's a Small World
              Disneyland Park, The Magic Kingdom
              • Opened In: 1966-05-28
              • Ride Type: Dark ride
              • Height (m): 0.6
              • Theme Area: Fantasyland

              Why It Would Suck:

              -High probability of having its trademark song stuck in your head more or less for all time. 

              -The watchful gaze of those creepy animatronic eyes. 

            • Fahrenheit


              Hersheypark (Pennsylvania)

                Why It Would Suck: 

                -Between the 90 degree ascent, the 121 foot lift, and the 97 degree drop, the barrel rolls, and the multiple loops, it's hard to decide exactly which part of this ride would be the worst to get stuck on.

                • Opened In: 2007-06-11
                • Theme Area: Tomorrowland

                Why It Would Suck: 

                -If the music isn't enough to drive you crazy, the claustrophobia that ensues from being stuck in a submarine with screaming children just might be. 

                -The possibility of getting stuck in the East Australian Current room where bubbles spiral around the tunnel. Nothing says family fun like group motion induced nausea. 

              • Kilimanjaro Safaris
                Disney's Animal Kingdom
                • Opened In: 1998-04-22

                Why It Would Suck: 

                -Breaking down in the middle of a preserve surrounded by wild animals, including cheetahs and lions, would be unnerving enough.

                -Popular with kids, so imagine being stuck on a bus with a load of screaming children who decide the time is right to panic. 

              • Space Mountain
                Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland
                • Opened In: 1977-05-27
                • Ride Type: Roller coaster
                • Height (m): 39.0
                • Max Speed (km/h): 51.499
                • Theme Area: Tomorrowland

                Why It Would Suck:

                -Possibility of being stuck in the dark with no idea what's happening behind or around you.

                -Possibility that they would turn on the lights, thus giving you a full scale view of exactly how close you are to the surrounding tracks. 

                -Getting stuck in an awkward position or high above the concrete below. 

              • Kali River Rapids
                Walt Disney World Resort
                • Opened In: 1999-03-18
                • Ride Type: River Rafting Ride
                • Theme Area: Asia

                Why It Would Suck:

                -Any ride that encourages you to bring an extra pair of clothes, towel, or poncho on the ride if you want to stay dry is sure to get you wet. Imagine getting stuck amid the ride's geysers, jetting water, and splashdowns for hours on end. 

                -Due to likely being soaked upon your rescue, you'd probably have to leave the park immediately afterwards to procure dry clothes. 

              • Primeval Whirl
                Disney World
                • Opened In: 2002-03-31
                • Height (m): 13.005816
                • Max Speed (km/h): 46.8319104
                • G Force: 2.5
                • Theme Area: DinoLand U.S.A.

                Why It Would Suck:

                -The whole premise here is basically a series of spinning saucers placed atop roller collar tracks, so you can experience the fun of getting even more nauseated than you would've on the coaster alone.

                -Imagine getting stuck in a saucer with some joker who found it hilarious to keep spinning the saucer while suspended until the breakdown was resolved.

              • Astro Orbiter
                • Opened In: 1998
                • Height (m): 7.9
                • Theme Area: Tomorrowland

                Why It Would Suck: 

                -For those afraid of heights, getting stuck 77 feet in the air is the stuff of nightmares. 

                -Little rockets aren't exactly roomy. Though they claim to be made for adults, they aren't easy to fit into even if you're thin.

                -Nothing like being suspended as close as you can possibly get to the sun on a hot summer day.  

              • Why It Would Suck: 

                -Imagine getting stuck between floors in the dark for hours and hours, packed in a small space with a large group of tourists. 

                -While the singing and dancing is fun when it lasts for the normal time period, the same song and dance routine played ad infinitum in the event of a breakdown could get old. 

              • Haunted Mansion
                Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disney
                • Opened In: 1969-08-09
                • Ride Type: Dark ride
                • Theme Area: New Orleans Square

                Why It Would Suck: 

                -Singing and dancing ghosts may be whimsical while you're jetting through the ride, but watching the same routines play out over and over again may get tiring in the event of getting stuck for hours. 

                -If you're stuck in the dark for a long period, your eyes may be very strained walking back into the Florida sunshine. 

              • Splash Mountain
                • Opened In: 1989-07-17
                • Ride Type: Log flume

                Why It Would Suck: 

                -Before the actual plunge, you're inundated with scenery and song from the Br'er Rabbit tales from the notorious Song of the South, which some may find obnoxious or outright offensive 

                -Imagine getting stuck just before the 50 foot plunge, teetering on the edge staring straight down for an indefinite time period. 

                • Opened In: 1983-03-05
                • Ride Type: Dark ride

                Why It Would Suck:

                -While Figment, a mischievous purple dragon, might appeal to small kids, he tends to be notoriously annoying to adults.

                -The whole ride is based on a journey through the five senses. Good luck getting stuck in the smell room, being belted with the foul stench of burnt coffee Figment emits.  

              • Universal Studio Tour

                Universal Studio Tour

                Universal Studios Hollywood

                  Why It Would Suck:

                  -Getting stuck can seem like an eternity if you find yourself in need of a bathroom. This plight is made doubly worse if you've taken advantage of the park's permission for guests to drink beer while on board the tram. 

                  -Though there are little fans, there is no air-conditioning. The summer sun plus being jammed into a tram with 50 other tourists can take it's toll if you're standing still. 

                  -Tour guides are not allowed to stop talking/interacting at any point, even if the tour becomes backed up due to filming, which could get old fast.