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The Worst Amusement Park Rides To Get Stuck On

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While uncommon, amusement park mishaps do happen and they occasionally leave innocent tourists trapped on rides for hours on end. When it comes to the worst rides to be stuck on, the possibilities are endless. Imagine enduring a grueling theme park line only to have a pleasant experience go horribly awry. Who would want to be left teetering on the edge of Splash Mountain or enduring the eerie gaze of animatronic eyes on It's A Small World for hours on end? Here, you can help decide which rides would be the absolute worst to end up trapped on in the event of a malfunction. 

There are some annoying rides to be stuck on where you'd face the possibility of being serenaded for hours on end by grating music or overstimulation via dazzlingly bright imagery. There are also the truly bad and even dangerous situations you could find yourself in. Imagine being stuck upside down, suspended from towering heights, or being held back from certain death by an incredibly uncomfortable shoulder strap. As you imagine undergoing such unpleasant experiences, be sure to vote up the worst amusement park rides to get stuck on below! 

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