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The Absolute Worst Animated Movies

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The absolute worst animated movies ever made, ranked from the worst of the worst to the still bad, but at least somewhat watchable, by the Ranker community. This list hass animated movies that bombed in ratings, and were generaly despised. What are the absolute worst animated movies ever made?

When you think of animated movies, you often think of the classic Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks classics, but those animated films aren't on this list. The animated movies ranker here are the absolute worst, whether for poor animation, a terrible story, or horrible voice acting. Many of the movies here are sequels to great animated films, that were just plain unnecessary.

This list features the most embarrassing animated movies that were ever made and includes titles such as The Princess and the Goblin, Titanic: The Legend Goes On, The Legend of the Titanic, The Secret of Nimh II: Timmy to the Rescue, and Quest for Camelot. Vote up the absolute worst films on the list below.
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