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The Worst Anime Boyfriends Of All Time

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Dysfunctional heterosexual anime relationships are practically a staple in the genre, so it stands to reason the person often making everything terrible is a dude. While some anime men are inexplicably boring, the worst boyfriends in the medium are manipulative, neglectful, unfaithful, and abusive. Some, like Light Yagami, even straight-up kill their girlfriends. If you're in search of healthy relationships, these are not the series you should watch.

Stay far, far away from these anime bad boys, no matter how hot they are. Men are not entirely to blame for bad relationships - there are plenty of terrible anime girlfriends who make everything awful, too. However, there's little reason to excuse these boys' flat-out abusive behaviors. 

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    Daisuke Aoki's Girlfriend Is A Third Grader In 'Kodomo No Jikan'

    Daisuke Aoki first met his seven-year-old student, Rin Kokonoe, during the third grade class he taught. Rin exhibited inappropriately provocative behavior toward Daisuke, likely due to her abuse and other problems at home.

    Any reasonable adult would understand a little girl making suggestive overtures is probably troubled and in need of appropriate help. Despite this, Daisuke decides to take her on as his secret lover instead, only finding out about her family stuff later. The two start "officially" dating when Rin is sixteen, but the relationship is distinctly romantic long before she hits puberty.

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    Ryo Okayasu Tricks Girls Into Joining His Pyramid Scheme In 'Peach Girl'

    Stealing most of your girlfriends from your brother is a low move, but this is exactly how Ryo Okayasu operates. Ryo cares little about pursuing meaningful relationships - he wants to pretend to love and care about his girlfriends, then trick them into participating in a pyramid scheme.

    When the women end up completely broke, Ryo stops talking to them altogether. No wonder one of his exes, Morika, wants to physically hurt him. 

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    Eikichi Machimiya Dumps His Girlfriend To Show Off In 'Yowamushi Pedal'

    While viewers never learn exactly how Eikichi Machimiya behaved in his relationship with Kana, it's clear he's not a great dude. He abruptly dumps Kana to focus on preparing for a bike race, only to spend the whole race hitting on or groping decidedly uninterested people.

    The breakup is less about wanting to actually spend time on his sport, and more about proving himself as a heartbreaker who could get any girl he wants. 

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  • You know what's not romantic? Endlessly talking about your plans to kill your fiancée. To Ladd Russo, the most romantic thing he can think of is offing Lua Klein, the love of his life.

    Lua appears to agree with him, even encouraging him to kill her sooner than he initially planned. Ladd is exactly the kind of awful person Lua is looking for, but this doesn't make him any less terrible.

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