Anime Underground The 18 Worst Anime Dubs Of All Time (That Are WAY Funnier Than You'd Think)  

Shamus Kelley
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Some anime dubs are classics, with love and care put into every casting choice and line of dialogue. The best dubbed anime of all time are so well made, even hardcore fans of subs have to admit their merit. 

Then there are the terrible anime dubs. The ones that butcher every single original piece of dialogue. The ones filled with actors that wouldn’t be able to get jobs in regional theaters. These are the anime dubs that are so bad they're funny. How did they come to exist? Who actually gave money to these? Who listened to the least successful anime dubs of all time and thought, "Yep, that's totally okay!"

These are the anime dubs that are way worse than the originals. They took gold and turned it into hot garbage, though a kind of trash alchemy. That doesn't mean they aren't hilarious (as long as you're willing to go in with the right mindset). The worst anime dubs of all time are actually a ton of fun. Just make sure you don't mind your original favorites being messed with. 

Get ready for the bad line reads. The horrible and garbled translations. The baffling video edits. The questionable music. These are the anime dubs you’ll want to watch with a group of friends, so you can all riff on just how horrifically hilarious they are.

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While 4Kids gets a bad rap most of the time, their dub of One Piece deserves all the hate in the world. Everyone sounds insane (which is saying something, considering the One Piece cast). The once chipper and excitable characters – especially Luffy who now sounds like a fish being gutted – have become depressing caricatures of themselves. They also inserted tons of bizarre, expository lines to tone down every instance of violence and drug use. Then, of course, there's the rap opening. Totally hip for the kids, yo (according to strenuous market research). 

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From the master of schlock films himself, Roger Corman, Galaxy Express 999 turns from a sweeping sci-fi epic to... a western. Sort of. You see, the famous Captain Harlock character was given a John Wayne accent. Cause, sure, why not? Other characters were also given western monikers, perhaps in an attempt to make the film more palatable to American audiences.

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Orguss 02 Takes Any Level of Political Correctness And Throws It Out

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In a film that's a fairly ho-hum '90s OVA, we get a line that comes so far out of left field it punches you square in the jaw. A characters threatens that if another person doesn't do what he says, he's going to sexually assault her. As she rushes off, he quietly says, "I'm always playing the good guy." Um, no, you're a monster. 

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Movies like this make you wonder if the writers looked at the script even once after writing it. How can an actor say, with a straight face, "I'm the best HARD ON player. I beat it every time." Or "Not this HARD ON you won't!" Now that must take talent, or an insane degree of confidence.

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