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The 18 Worst Anime Dubs Of All Time (That Are WAY Funnier Than You'd Think)

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Some anime dubs are classics, with love and care put into every casting choice and line of dialogue. The best dubbed anime of all time are so well made, even massive fans of subs have to admit their merit. 

Then there are the terrible anime dubs. The ones that butcher every single original piece of dialogue. The ones filled with actors that wouldn’t be able to get jobs in regional theaters. These are the anime dubs that are so bad they're funny. How did they come to exist? Who actually gave money to these? Who listened to the least successful anime dubs of all time and thought, "Yep, that's totally okay!"

These are the anime dubs that are way worse than the originals. They took gold and turned it into hot garbage, though a kind of trash alchemy. That doesn't mean they aren't hilarious (as long as you're willing to go in with the right mindset). The worst anime dubs of all time are actually a ton of fun. Just make sure you don't mind your original favorites being messed with. 

Get ready for the bad line reads. The horrible and garbled translations. The baffling video edits. The questionable music. These are the anime dubs you’ll want to watch with a group of friends, so you can all riff on just how horrifically hilarious they are.

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    Voltron 84 Is Stilted And Baffling

    Photo: World Events Productions

    Why does Pidge sound like a gremlin? No one seemed to ask this question while recording the classic Voltron series, but it sticks with any one unfortunate enough to view this monstrosity to this day.

    Everyone in this dub seems like they're performing in an old-time radio play. Then the dub edits, which removes all violence, take things to the next level. No one dies. They just get sent to "another dimension."

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    This dub is your standard '70s fare (read: pretty awful) except for one massive problem. In some copies (specifically from Malibu), the audio is actually de-synced in many places, so the lip movements are almost always off. Sometimes a little girl's voice comes out of the "rough-and-tumble" Captain Harlock's mouth! Throw in a dated disco soundtrack, and you’ve got a lesser known "classic".

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    Garzey's Wing Is A Barely Translated Nightmare

    Video: YouTube

    “It’s what you call a drug in my world. If you smoke it, you get happy and do crazy things.” What was once a forgettable OVA from the '90s transformed into a comedic masterpiece through this terrible dub.

    Shou Zama is hurled into the ancient world of Byston Well… a world much like ours except there's no convincing acting. All of the dialogue is stilted, the cast struggles to pronounce the fantasy terminology, and one actor thinks holding a hand in front of your mouth replicates the sound of a face mask.

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  • Video: YouTube

    If you thought the Transformers movies were the worst thing to happen to the franchise, you ain't seen nothing yet. This dub from Malasyia can't pronounce "Rodimus Prime," which you think would be easy with so many existing episodes but... alas. They also can't seem to count how many Optimus Prime's are on screen.

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