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The 16 Worst Anime Of All Time

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Plenty of popular and critically acclaimed anime series exist out there, but even the finest of shows fail to completely overshadow the sins committed by the worst anime of all time. Just like Hollywood, the anime industry often invests in ventures that don't just flop, they bring John Carter-levels of shame to the medium.

Bad anime dubs can blame mistranslations for their downfalls, but the terrible anime series below have nothing to blame but their own reflections. Anime like Mars of Destruction, Boku no Pico, and Garzey's Wing apparently got storyboarded, animated, and voice acted without anyone involved in the process wondering whether or not they might be making bad anime.

Even the most hated anime characters can rest easy knowing they likely do not appear in the worst anime series ever made. In order for someone to appear on that list, they would need to be in an anime people actually enjoy watching. These anime are, unfortunately, not the "worth watching" type.

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    Garzey's Wing

    Photo: J.C.Staff

    Garzey's Wing stands as one of the most notoriously terrible anime ever made. The English dub makes for an excellent hate-watching with a group of friends, but if you desire something of actual quality, move on. Garzey's Wing concerns a dude named Chris who gets spirited away to a fantasy world, a promising premise that only works if your story has coherent plot points.

    Instead of a logical sequence of events, the anime presents an assortment of fantasy-esque nonsense including a guy holding a giant sword he never uses, Chris being stuck in both worlds without anyone questioning him, a massive, luminous duck, and a creepy-AF fairy. Even more cringeworthy are Chris's dialogues with himself.

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  • A doctor treats a cancerous growth that turns out to be a messenger from Japan's ancient past who foretells a demonic swarm. For some reason, this means the doctor must go back in time to fight demons, something doctors are definitely trained to do. Psychic Wars is a nonsensical mess from start to finish. The voice acting feels stilted and tired, as if the actors only half-paid attention just to cut their checks. Psychic Wars looks terrible too – so much so that when the protagonist punches a demon in the crotch, it's not even funny.

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  • The Cosmopolitan Prayers revolves around a magical priestess who combats evil. Wait, maybe it's a mecha anime? Actually, it could be classified as a Moe fan service. Of all the things The Cosmopolitan Prayers tries to be, "good" is not one of them. It combines traits from the most popular anime tropes, yet fails to tie them together in a cohesive or entertaining way. The lead characters feel just as clichéd, falling into predictable dialogue and actions throughout the series. Cosmopolitan, this is not.

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  • Photo: Generation of Chaos/Idea Factory

    An anime where little to nothing actually happens, Generation of Chaos never quite lives up to its own name. "Chaos" alone suggests some sort of action or engagement, qualities this OVA refuses to provide. The OVA is divided into different parts, each meant to introduce viewers to an anime universe that never takes off. In one, a boy trains Pokémon-like monsters who, unsurprisingly, lack the appeal of Pokémon. In another, a half-demon gets persecuted for being a demon and also weaves a lot. Needless to say, bad characters, plotlines, and animation do not lead to a successful anime series. 

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