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The 16 Worst Anime Of All Time

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Plenty of popular and critically acclaimed anime series exist out there, but even the finest of shows fail to completely overshadow the sins committed by the worst anime of all time. Just like Hollywood, the anime industry often invests in ventures that don't just flop, they bring John Carter-levels of shame to the medium.

Bad anime dubs can blame mistranslations for their downfalls, but the terrible anime series below have nothing to blame but their own reflections. Anime like Mars of Destruction, Boku no Pico, and Garzey's Wing apparently got storyboarded, animated, and voice acted without anyone involved in the process wondering whether or not they might be making bad anime.

Even the most hated anime characters can rest easy knowing they likely do not appear in the worst anime series ever made. In order for someone to appear on that list, they would need to be in an anime people actually enjoy watching. These anime are, unfortunately, not the "worth watching" type.

  • 1. Dark Cat

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    Two brothers who transform into cats must solve the mystery of a demon plague that inexplicably involves tentacles. If this sounds like a thinly veiled excuse to draw some risque material, it absolutely is. The whole transforming-into-a-feline trope that sets Dark Cats apart from other shows isn't even capitalized on, as the characters spend half the series chasing demons, a task better accomplished in human form.

    The voice acting is awful, mainly because the actors keep pausing in the middle of sentences for no reason. Maybe they, too, cannot believe Dark Cat actually got made into a real series.

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  • 2. Skelter Heaven

    In the world of anime, the premise of cute, busty high schoolers enlisting in the military actually sounds like a potential sleeper hit. Unfortunately, Skelter Heaven fails to turn this fan service into an anime worthy of any fandom whatsoever. This poorly animated travesty is half "training exercises" and half totally illogical military responses to a giant alien squid floating over Tokyo.

    This show boasts a shocking 1.9 rating on MAL, which means few people have anything good to say about it. If you want to watch it anyway, godspeed.

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  • 3. Wounded Man

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    Very few shows pull off making the main character commit a heinous act and then have him remain sympathetic. Berserk arguably pulls it off because Griffith is such an intricately developed character, and the anime fleshes him out without excusing or diminishing his actions. Wounded Mana five-episode OVA from the '80s, utterly fails at this.

    Not only is protagonist Baraki a totally generic "bad boy" with few redeeming qualities, he assaults a reporter named Ryuko and beats up her male crew members in the first episode. Apparently, this is supposed to warn them that Brazil is so horribly dangerous a Japanese person should never set foot there.

    Even worse, Ryuko and Baraki end up falling in love, even given their history.

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  • 4. Mars Of Destruction

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    Some people love Mars of Destruction  probably the same type of people who enjoy paper cuts and stepping on LEGOs. With a 2.33 score on My Anime List, Mars of Destruction clearly draws in viewers through its lack of quality. The story centers on humanity's fight against an alien race called "Ancients."

    Why are they here and what are they trying to do? If the animation dazzled or came across as wildly imaginative, you might be able to ignore that those questions aren't really answered. What about memorable characters who grow and change as the series progresses? Well, the characters are certainly memorable, but more for their shortcomings and idiocy than positive traits.

    With nothing going for it aside from laughable stupidity, this anime ranks as one of the worst around. It now boasts something of a The Room following, where viewers recommend it on account of how bad it is.

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