The 21 Most Horrible Anime Parents Of All Time

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There are some seriously dysfunctional anime families out there, and the fault usually lies with the horrible anime parents. Shockingly, not all of them are the terrible parents from Yu-Gi-Oh!In fact, you'll find bad parenting in anime of all kinds, from Elfen Lied to PokémonThis seems to be a recurring trope of the animation realm in general, as American networks also boast some of the worst cartoon parents on television.

Whether they're forcing their kids to commit suicide for insurance money or transforming them against their will into man-eating monsters, bad parenting in anime is rampant. In fact, it's probably more common than good parenting. Let's learn about the worst parents in anime, and pray that their barbarous parenting techniques never transfer over to the real world. 

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    Shou Tucker From 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    Shou Tucker is, far and away, one of the worst parents in fictional history. What makes him so awful? Well, in order to maintain his position as a state alchemist, Tucker uses alchemy to merge his daughter Nina with their pet dog. Let that sink in. Now go take a nine showers, and lament the fact that you still feel gross. 

    He briefly passes off the monstrosity as an "ethically" created chimera capable of speech, but it's quickly discovered he couldn't possibly have done this morally. While he's waiting to be arrested for his crimes against both human and animals, he tries to solicit sympathy from his mutated child by telling her he's misunderstood. Not much to understand, dude, you're willing to destroy your own child and your beloved family pet for a job.

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    Akemi Hinazuki From 'Erased'

    Akemi Hinazuki is Kayo's abusive mother. She made her own daughter suffer and physically abused her to vent out her own frustrations. Poor Kayo was so neglected that she burst into tears when Satoru's mom cooked her breakfast. Akemi would usually just leave a small amount of money for Kayo to buy her own food. So, Kayo finally felt a real mother's love for the first time. It's a relief that Akemi's parental rights were taken away and Kayo went to live with her grandmother.

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    Mayu's Parents From 'Elfen Lied'

    Mayu's Parents From 'Elfen Lied'
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    Mayu, one of the most innocent characters in Elfen Lied, ran away from home at age 14 to escape her horrible parents. That alone should tip you off that things are pretty bad. Mayu's stepfather is a sick man who takes advantage of his new stepdaughter almost as soon as he meets her. When Mayu appeals to her mother for help, her mother slaps her in the face, calls her a liar, and tells her that she is unloved and unwanted.

    This lady cares a lot more about her marriage than she does about her daughter's well-being, and she is more than happy to continue a relationship with a pedophile. When Mayu's stepfather violates her again, she leaves home, unable to take the abuse anymore.

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    Medusa Gorgon From 'Soul Eater'

    Medusa Gorgon From 'Soul Eater'
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    While Medusa Gorgon makes for an amazing anime villain, she's a terrible mother. She sees Crona as nothing more than a research experiment. Her cruel and detached attitude towards Crona resulted in them becoming highly unstable. Medusa would even force them to brutally kill animals in different ways. Even to the very end, Medusa had no problem killing her own child.

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    Hiromi Shiota From 'Assassination Classroom'

    Hiromi Shiota From 'Assassination Classroom'
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    In general, it's not a great parenting move to try and force your kid to conform to a gender identity they don't agree with. Hiromi Shiota wanted a daughter so she could vicariously relive her own girlhood (which was admittedly terrible). When she gave birth to a son instead, she decided it didn't matter and raised Nagisa as a girl. Much to Nagisa's chagrin, Hiromi forced him to grow his hair out and wear feminine clothing.

    This alone is pretty awful, but it gets worse. Nagisa is in class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Middle School, which is where kids with bad grades end up. Hiromi doesn't want Nagisa in that class, but he's happy doing important work with his classmates, so he's against switching out. To force her son to comply, Hiromi drugs Nagisa, brings him to school, and insists he torch the building. In other words: excellent parenting. She only gives up when he saves her from an assassin, because apparently now that he can kick ass, he's worth consideration as a human being. 

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    Sakuya Watanuki's Parents From 'Servamp'

    Like Shou Tucker, the Watanukis of Servamp care a lot more about money and status than they do about their kids. They forced their daughter to commit suicide so they could collect the money from her life insurance policy. Their son, Sakuya, witnessed his sister's death, but was forced to lie to the police about it.

    Though the Watanukis promised their daughter her brother would be safe as long as she sacrificed herself, they went back on their promise and murdered Sakuya for financial gain when he was a teenager. Instead of dying, Sakuya ends up becoming a vampire, but his horrible parents presumably got the money anyway.

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