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The 19 Most Horrible Anime Parents Of All Time

Updated 4 Aug 2020 57.5k votes 12.8k voters 170.2k views19 items

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There are some seriously dysfunctional anime families out there, and the fault usually lies with the horrible anime parents. Shockingly, not all of them are the terrible parents from Yu-Gi-Oh!In fact, you'll find bad parenting in anime of all kinds, from Elfen Lied to PokémonThis seems to be a recurring trope of the animation realm in general, as American networks also boast some of the worst cartoon parents on television.

Whether they're forcing their kids to commit suicide for insurance money or transforming them against their will into man-eating monsters, bad parenting in anime is rampant. In fact, it's probably more common than good parenting. Let's learn about the worst parents in anime, and pray that their barbarous parenting techniques never transfer over to the real world. 

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