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14 Bizarre Anime Ships You Probably Didn't Know Were A Thing

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The world of shipping is a wild one. People love everything from the canon romances to pairings that are totally off the wall. Some weird anime ships are fun ones - it's hard not to laugh at the idea of Haruka Nanase from Free! being more interested in wooing water than any of his friends. But others easily qualify as the worst anime ships - believe it or not, there are people out there who ship Myne and Naofumi from Rising of the Shield Hero! 

If you're a fan of one of these pairings, no personal offense is meant. Lots of awesome people like pairings that are weird or even awful, and everyone has a different take on what counts. That said, these pairings are definitely eyebrow-raising.

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    Light x Ryuk (Death Note)

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    The most popular Light Yagami ship has always been Light x L, but that doesn't mean it's the only one. Actually, some people would rather see Light get down and dirty with Ryuk, the Shinigami who gave him the Death Note. Ryuk might look like a demonic Boston terrier, but hey, he does know more about Light than anybody else does, so maybe it works?

    There is the pesky little problem that Ryuk is planning to annihilate Light after watching him dance for his amusement, but in this series there aren't really a lot of shipping options that aren't like that.

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    Sakura x Itachi (Naruto)

    Sakura's canon relationship with her eventual husband Sasuke is controversial to say the least. While most people who aren't into her onscreen choices ship her with people like Naruto or Ino, there are also people who ship her with his older brother Itachi. For anyone who doesn't know, Itachi defected from the village after annihilating the entire Uchiha clan. 

    Canon evidence for this ship seems to revolve around a moment when Sakura briefly thought that Itachi was Sasuke - so it's somewhat possible that she could be attracted to him. It could also be the fact that he rescues her once during one of the movies. But with the large age gap and the fact that they never interact on anything other than negative terms, this ship is a hard sell at best.

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    Almost Every Ship (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is a massive fandom with so many ships it should be impossible to keep track of them all...but the fandom did, and they did so in a way that few other fandoms did - every single possible pairing, including the most bizarre, niche ones imaginable, got its own name. This Master List contains everything from expected ships like Rivalshipping (Kaiba x Yugi) and off-the-wall random ships like Aptshipping (Tristan x Isis) to awful, abusive ships like Abandonshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Mokuba). The variety is both incredible and intimidating, but the list is definitely worth a look. 

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    Naofumi x Myne (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

    This one isn't common, but it does exist. Despite the fact that Myne is widely hated by the fandom, there are a handful of people out there who ship her with Naofumi. You know, the guy who she falsely accused of assaulting her in order to advance a weird cult? The guy she spent the entire series trying to sabotage? Yeah, somebody out there ships that. Unless it's in the hands of a wildly talented creator, there's no way to spin this particular ship that isn't hellaciously creepy. 

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