16 Super Lame Anime Villains You Never Cared About

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There are so many great villains in anime out there, but where there is greatness, there is the polar opposite. Have you ever been watching an anime and then finding yourself raising an eyebrow at a weird, lame villain, thinking to yourself, "What were they thinking?" This list ranks the worst anime villains ever conceived, whether they were weak, poorly designed, or both.

Whether the anime villain was intended to be lame or not, they just didn't make an impact. Some of the worst anime villains are at least funny, but others are just weak or boring. Whatever the reason, there are countless examples of lame villains in anime, and this list covers just a few.

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    The Jiggle Butt Gang (Fairy Tail)

    Anyone who has ever seen Fairy Tail either rolled their eyes or laughed out loud when the Jiggle Butt Gang was introduced and was an actual group of villains on the show. Their jelly-like butts and their ridiculous nature (as if the butt thing wasn't bad enough) made them one of the lamest group of anime villains of all time. Was this really a trio of villains that we needed? Probably not...

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    Ramen Kenpo (One Piece)

    When they told you to use your noodle, they didn't mean literally! Haha, okay, cheesy joke aside, this villain was so lame. He fought with ramen, and most fans of the show can never even remember his name. Viewers of One Piece often only remember him as the ramen guy. This is definitely one One Piece villain who is best left forgotten. 

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    Gato (Naruto)

    Gato (Naruto)
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    There are many Naruto fans out there who adamantly discuss their dislike for Gato in the series. They claim that he was boring and just plain lame. He didn't add anything to the show, really, and yet he was a main villain for an entire story arc. Fans are always quick to put Gato on the list for worst villains of anime history. 

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  • Garlic Jr. (Dragon Ball Z)
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    There were some awesome villains in the Dragon Ball Z series, but Garlic Jr. did not stand among them. People hated the Garlic Jr. saga and didn't even want to recognize it as canon. Garlic Jr. himself was not up to par, and his soldiers were no better. It seems that Garlic Jr. should be forgotten, along with his saga as a whole. 

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    Tobigera (Outlaw Star)

    Tobigera (Outlaw Star)
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    While most of the Anten Seven pirates who pursue Gene and company in Outlaw Star are actually terrifying, Tobigera mainly serves as comic relief. The villain first encounters the crew while they're visiting a hot spring planet, and he's taken down several times by environmental accidents that coincidentally occur just before he's able to strike a fatal blow. It's possible that none of the heroes ever realize he's chasing after them, his assault is so unobtrusive. 

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  • Jadeite (Sailor Moon)
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    Sailor Moon was a huge success, and anime fans love the 90s phenomenon to this day. However, the first major villain of the series was a big dud. He never did anything himself and he wasn't exciting in the least bit. He was boring and one-dimensional. If you want any kind of intrigue or pizazz in a villain, you'd need to look elsewhere because Jadeite would not have it for you.  

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