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The Lamest Avenger Members Ever In The Comics

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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Well, actually, some of you - stay behind. Although Avengers is big money today for Marvel Comics, this wasn't always the case for Hollywood's premiere superhero team. Ranker Comics has gone through the charter and asked everyone to turn in their Avengers I.D. cards to bring you the list of the worst Avengers of all time.

After the big guns like Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor left the Avengers in Avengers #16, there was a steady slide in quality from that point on. Sure, we got some real gems like Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Vision, but we also got complete duds like Stingray and Triathlon. It's important to remember that The Avengers was not Marvel's most bankable team - that honor went to the X-Men for the better part of the company's career. Only recently have The Avengers become the in-crowd of the Marvel Universe.

That being said, it was pretty easy to join up for a couple decades, and the team saw a lot of members come and go as creators' tastes waned. We have a lot of one-hit-wonders like Justice and Darkhawk, but we didn't discount veteran Avengers who were awful enough to make this list!

So get comfy on your favorite couch in the Avengers Mansion and load up the team files - Ranker Comics has gathered up the most D-list Avengers that have ever had the honor of serving on the team. 
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    Gilgamesh - The Forgotten One

    The Forgotten One is actually one of Marvel's Eternals. Being that he is an Eternal, he has been on Earth for hundreds of years and has been mistaken for heroes like Gilgamesh and Hercules. When the membership of the Avengers was essentially at zero enrollment, the Forgotten One donned a bull costume and started going by Gilgamesh once more. 
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    Doctor Druid

    Doctor Druid, real name Anthony Druid, was actually a psychiatrist who dug up too much info on his ancestors' druid ways. In his pursuit, he sought out the monk of all monks, the Ancient One, who granted him mystic powers in Anthony. However, he was soon replaced by the Ancient One's actual successor, Doctor Strange. This means he is the substitute teacher version of the Avengers' #1 magic user. 
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    Despite the fact Swordsman was a drunken, gambling, carny who once almost beat a young Clint Barton (Hawkeye) to death, the Avengers decided to give him a shot on their team. However, it is revealed that Swordsman just wanted to join the team for the perks and then failed to pass the Avengers test. So, they let him do it again.

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    Stringray is an underwater Avenger who is mostly related to Namor and his underwater kingdom. Walter Newell developed a underwater suit, which looks a lot like Falcon, that can withstand deep ocean pressures, allow Walter to breathe, and enhanced strength. Also, the suit comes equipped with these needless red wings that have to make it impossible to swim. So, to sum up, Stringray has half of Aquaman's powers and looks four times more ridiculous. 
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