The Lamest Avenger Members Ever In The Comics

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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Well, actually, some of you - stay behind. Although Avengers is big money today for Marvel Comics, this wasn't always the case for Hollywood's premiere superhero team. Ranker Comics has gone through the charter and asked everyone to turn in their Avengers I.D. cards to bring you the list of the worst Avengers of all time.

After the big guns like Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor left the Avengers in Avengers #16, there was a steady slide in quality from that point on. Sure, we got some real gems like Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Vision, but we also got complete duds like Stingray and Triathlon. It's important to remember that The Avengers was not Marvel's most bankable team - that honor went to the X-Men for the better part of the company's career. Only recently have The Avengers become the in-crowd of the Marvel Universe.

That being said, it was pretty easy to join up for a couple decades, and the team saw a lot of members come and go as creators' tastes waned. We have a lot of one-hit-wonders like Justice and Darkhawk, but we didn't discount veteran Avengers who were awful enough to make this list!

So get comfy on your favorite couch in the Avengers Mansion and load up the team files - Ranker Comics has gathered up the most D-list Avengers that have ever had the honor of serving on the team. 

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    Poor, poor D-Man. He has been the go-to punching bag of bad Avengers. Maybe it's because his costume looks like a lazy cross between Wolverine and Daredevil. Dennis Dunphy was a pro-wrestler who took strength supplements from the Power Broker. He eventually kicked the habit and took over Captain America's hotline. The "D" in his name actually stands for "Demolition" but we think there might have been some copyright infringements with that Stallone movie. 
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    Triathlon is actually a disgraced Olympic track runner who was caught using steroids. After falling into despair, Delroy Garrett Jr. joined a new religion called the Triune Understanding and the religion's (*see: "cult") leader imbued him with very general super powers like super strength, speed, and stamina (*see: "regular Olympic athlete"). Triathlon worked as the Triune Understanding's spokesperson and had a few positive run-ins with the Avengers. Eventually, Tremont accused the Avengers of not being open to members of new (*see: "crazy") religions. The group relented and, to avoid the negative press, let Triathlon join. 
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    What's better than Wolverine's haircut? A purple cat/bird lady with Wolverine's haircut. She was assigned to the Avengers while dealing with the Shi'Ar to protect the team from the Shi'Ar's enemies. Besides looking like the '90s spewed all over her, she has the same generic powers as the rest of these rejects: strength, stamina, and endurance.

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    Gilgamesh - The Forgotten One

    The Forgotten One is actually one of Marvel's Eternals. Being that he is an Eternal, he has been on Earth for hundreds of years and has been mistaken for heroes like Gilgamesh and Hercules. When the membership of the Avengers was essentially at zero enrollment, the Forgotten One donned a bull costume and started going by Gilgamesh once more. 
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    Besides looking like the bodyguard for the Village People, Rage has the distinct honor of... well, nothing else, really. His origins are just as bland as everything else this character is associated with. While coming home from basketball practice, Elvin Daryl Haliday was exposed to toxic waste, and soon grew in to a massive 30-year-old man with the powers of (you guessed it) strength, speed, and durability.
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    Despite the fact Swordsman was a drunken, gambling, carny who once almost beat a young Clint Barton (Hawkeye) to death, the Avengers decided to give him a shot on their team. However, it is revealed that Swordsman just wanted to join the team for the perks and then failed to pass the Avengers test. So, they let him do it again.

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