The Worst Baby Names of All Time

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Vote UP the stupidest names that are just awful. Vote down the ones that don't bother you. No names of celebrities or their kids. No Orangejello and Lemonjello. No Le-a.

What are the worst baby names ever inked on real birth certificates? Users on reddit reported the worst names they've ever heard in real life, from Khimberleighanna to Regret, from people they've met, taught, worked with, or even been related to. (Not one person knows a real Le-a, pronounced "Ledasha," by the way; myth debunked here.) This is a list of the dumbest baby names of all time, ranked by people like you who just absolutely hate them and feel sorry for the poor kids and think the parents are true idiots who should have their naming privileges revoked. Vote up the dumb baby names that make your blood boil, and vote down the ones that don't even make you think twice.

This list of the stupidest names in history includes the poorly spelled (Myreekal), the ill-advised (Ariyan), the wtf (Panthy), and the just plain weird (Baylem). There are also plenty of the weirdest words that aren't even names, like Spontaneous, Sincere, Raspberry, and Excellence. And Delight. And Spiral. Don't forget awful messes like Xaylie and Tracen, Janeezzy and Dixit. Really bad names. Feel free to add any true abominations that you have seen in the wild.

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