The Worst Winners in "The Bachelor" History

Why do we love The Bachelor so much? Is it the drama? The chance for true love? Or is it because we love to hate on the contestants and the winners? Well, actually, it's all of the above. To celebrate that hatred, we've created this list of the worst winners in The Bachelor history.

Why does it always seem that the worst girls win on The Bachelor? If we can see how terrible these girls are, why can't our hunky bachelors figure it out? Sure, they're not really privy to all the behind-the-scenes cattiness that takes place, but you'd think they'd be able to sense it. Right? Wrong. 

It seems that season after season, the contestants get worse and worse. Still, we love the show, we love the drama, and we definitely love how outrageous these girls (and bachelors) get. And you'll love ranking our list of the worst girls who won bachelor. Who would never have gotten the final rose if you were in charge of The Bachelor

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Ranked by
  • Vienna Girardi

    Vienna Girardi

    Season 14, chosen by Jake Pavelka. 
  • Season 16, chosen by Ben Flajnik. 
  • Season 12, chosen by Matt Grant. 
  • Whitney Bischoff

    Whitney Bischoff

    Season 19, chosen by Chris Soules. 
  • Season 4, chosen by Bob Guiney.
  • Season 15, chosen by Brad Womack. 
  • Season 1, chosen by Alex Michel. 
  • Season 6, chosen by Byron Velvick. 
  • Season 18, chosen by Juan Pablo Galavis. 
  • Season 2, chosen by Aaron Buerge. 
  • Jessica Bowlin

    Jessica Bowlin

    Season 5, chosen by Jesse Palmer. 
  • Season 13, chosen by Jason Mesnick. 
  • Season 11 runners up, but Brad Womack rejected both of them in the finale. 
  • Tessa Horst

    Tessa Horst

    Season 10, chosen by Andrew Baldwin. 
  • Season 3, chosen by Andrew Firestone.
  • Season 7, chosen by Charlie O'Connell. 
  • Sarah Stone

    Sarah Stone

    Season 8, chosen by Travis Lane Stork. 
  • Season 17, chosen by Sean Lowe. 
  • Jennifer Wilson

    Jennifer Wilson

    Season 9, chosen by Lorenzo Borghese.