The Worst Winners in The Bachelorette History

Everyone was so happy when The Bachelorette was created. Finally they turned the tables and gave the ladies a chance to pass out those roses. And just like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette has given us ample opportunity to hate on the contestants. That's exactly why we've put together this list of the worst winners in The Bachelorette history.

Which winning dudes did you think were total duds? There have been some pretty terrible contestants on The Bachelorette over the years. From absolute cheese-balls, to down-right jerks, we've seen it all. Somehow these guys are even cattier than the contestants on The Bachelor! And yet, it seems like the worse they are, the farther they make it. 

Season after season, the contestants get more and more awful. Which is why we know you''ll love ranking our list of the worst guys who won Bachelorette. Check out this list of the worst Bachelorette winners and vote up the guy who should have to give all of his roses back. 

Ranked by
  • Josh Murray

    Josh Murray

    Season 10, chosen by Andi Dorfman. 
  • Jef Holm
    Season 8, chosen by Emily Maynard. 
  • Jordan Rodgers

    Jordan Rodgers

    Season 12, chosen by Jojo Fletcher.

  • Season 1, chosen by Trista Rehn. 
  • Ed Swiderski

    Ed Swiderski

    Season 5, chosen by Jillian Harris. 
  • Shawn Booth

    Shawn Booth

    Season 11, chosen by Kaitlyn Bristowe. 
  • Season 7, chosen by Ashley Hebert. 
  • Season 9, chosen by Desiree Hartsock. 
  • Season 4, chosen by DeAnna Pappas. 
  • Roberto Martinez

    Roberto Martinez

    Season 6, chosen by Ali Fedotowsky.
  • Ian Mckee

    Ian Mckee

    Season 2, chosen by Meredith Phillips. 
  • Jerry Ferris

    Jerry Ferris

    Season 3, chosen by Jennifer Schefft.