Total Nerd The Dumbest Batman Action Figures Ever Produced  

Jake Baumgart
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What kid (or adult) doesn’t love Batman? Toy companies have been cranking out little plastic versions of the Dark Knight for decades and many of the Batman action figures have captured what's best about Batman, allowing fans to enact their own adventures or just admire good sculpting and design. There have also been duds. however. That's what this list consists of: the silliest and worst Batman figures.

How bad are things getting in Gotham City when the Caped Crusader needs to hit the streets every night with some new rocket launcher strapped to his arm, back, or head?! Are they being invaded by giant monsters? We guess it must be the end times because Batman is all out of grey, navy, and black, but he has PLENTY of costumes in neon green, sparkly purple, or caution-sign yellow. Sometimes he even comes with a little scooter or hoverboard to slowly chase down villains! Hey, don’t think that Batman is hogging all of the terrible desgins- even the sidekicks get in on the action! Really makes a kid long for an standard old Batman toy.

These aren't standard Batman toys, though. These are the action figures Bruce Wayne would regret. Brace yourselves as you enter the very back of the Bat-closet! The worst Batman action figures are coming at you and they're hard to miss!

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Laser Batman

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In this shiny suit, Batman's costume looks more upholstered than tailored. While this figure was released in support of Batman Returns, it's also important to note that this is really when Batman started bringing giant, arm-mounted, weapons to street fights. 
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Deep Dive Batman

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For decades, Batman figures have been coming with small vehicles that can help the Dark Knight get the job done. However, this thing looks like it is super painful on the back. Also, it was nearly impossible to actually get the figure on board the underwater raft-thing.
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Every kid with Batman toys had at least one of these. Heck, even kids who didn't like Batman probably had one of these. The totally underwhelming Bob was featured in the 1989 Batman flick but didn't really do anything besides talk to the Joker a few times. His role could have been that of a sock puppet and was quickly replaced by Harley Quinn in the public's hearts and minds.
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Fractal Armor Batman

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It's like Batman and Witchblade combined! Even in a toy line that actually gave fans a pretty straightforward interpretation of the DC Heroes, Kenner just couldn't resist sticking in a crazy, non-canonical Batman that no one was longing for. He doesn't even look like he can aim that rocket launcher!
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