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The Worst Best Picture-Winning Films

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List RulesList includes all movies that WON the Oscar for Best Picture. Upvote the worst films.

These are the absolute worst Best Picture movies ever made, ranked by the Ranker community. This list is made up of best picture Oscar winners that are generally regarded by film lovers as terrible movies.What are the absolute worst Best Picture winning films ever made? Remember, these films have to have won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

This list features the most embarrassing Best Picture winning movies that were ever made, including titles such as Ordinary People, The Artist, Crash, All About Eve, Midnight Cowboy, Shakespeare in Love, and Dances With Wolves. Vote up the most awful films below that have won the Best Picture award at the Oscars, or add a film that has won the award that you think is terrible, but isn't already on the list.

For the best of the Best Picture winners, check out and vote on this list of the Very Best Oscar-Winning Movies.

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