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The 15 Worst 'Bob's Burgers' Episodes Ever

Bob's Burgers is easily one of the quirkiest and funniest animated series ever aired, and since the first episode hit the airwaves in January 2011, the series has released 10 seasons consisting of 189 episodes. It's difficult to look at any episode of Bob's Burgers and call it out for being one of the worst, as each one stands up under scrutiny fairly well. That being said, it is possible to look at sites like IMDb and take the episodes with the lowest ratings and analyze what can only be called the worst of the best.

The episodes found on this list are the ones at the very bottom of the list, such that they have the fewest fans coming back to watch them time and time again due to some bad moments, or perhaps because the humor hasn't aged well.

Check out the 15 worst Bob's Burgers episodes (so far), and vote up all the ones that missed the comedic mark.

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    All That Gene

    Photo: FOX

    After Gene is encouraged to try out for a part in a local theater production, the audition doesn't go as well as he would have hoped. The director tells him to hit the road, but Linda stands up for her son and convinces the director to give him another shot if she agrees to become his stagehand.

    Gene is excited about the role, but he's still not meeting the standard the director is setting. This sets Gene to wonder why he managed to finally get the part, and he soon figures out what was going on all along.

    Why it falls short: "All That Gene" is the lowest-rated episode of Bob's Burgers on IMDb. The episode is really Gene-heavy, and while he's a great character, he's not anyone's favorite. Well, maybe some fans, but for the wider audience, a Gene-heavy episode didn't meet up to the expectations the series established for itself in other episodes.

    • Original Airing: December 1, 2019
    • Season: Season 10
    • Episode Number: 9
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    Bed, Bob & Beyond

    Photo: FOX

    In "Bed, Bob & Beyond," Bob and Linda take the kids out to see a movie but end up getting into a fight with the kids along to see it all go down. The couple isn't able to easily get over it, and the kids take notice.

    In an effort to help their parents reconcile, the children tell them how they thought the movie would have ended, had they stayed long enough to see it through to the end, and the film's circuitous storyline helps bring the couple back into marital bliss.

    Why it falls short: The episode plays out rather well despite its low rating on IMDb. Fans may not have appreciated how it both was and wasn't a bottle episode, which can put some viewers off due to the change in story structure from one week to the next.

    • Original Airing: February 10, 2019
    • Season: Season 9
    • Episode Number: 13
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    The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!

    Photo: FOX

    "The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!" starts off with Bob and Louise' excitement over a watch party they're hosting for a screening of the new Hawk & Chick movie.

    The screening was set to go down at the restaurant, but when the actor who plays Hawk throws a wrench in the works, it turns out he had his own strange and mysterious reasons...

    Why it falls short: "The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!" is something of a callback to an episode from season five called "Hawk & Chick."

    The episode isn't terrible, but it stands as the third-lowest-rated one from the series. Some complaints online pointed out that the two stories seemed split, making for only a short period of overlap. Other than that, the dialogue was well-written, and the series' hilarious tone was definitely on point.

    • Original Airing: November 10, 2019
    • Season: Season 10
    • Episode Number: 6
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    Yurty Rotten Scoundrels

    Photo: FOX

    Bob isn't pleased when he finds out the Linda lent money to Gayle for art supplies, so she could establish her artists' workshop. Things aren't looking good for Gayle, as only one customer signed up.

    To make it slightly less painful for her, Tina and Linda join Gail to act as customers for her. When Tina and Linda discover that the sole customer is a vindictive review blogger, the workshop takes a turn.

    Why it falls short: "Yurty Rotten Scoundrels" suffers from a formulaic plot that doesn't develop the characters in any sizeable way. The episode seems like it was tossed in to fill a slot, and while it's not horrible on its own, it doesn't fit well with the rest of the series.

    • Original Airing: March 8, 2020
    • Season: Season 10
    • Episode Number: 15
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