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21 Times The Internet Found The Absolute Worst Bosses In The World

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Everyone has horror stories about their worst jobs or the worst things they ever had to do at work, but nothing can make the work experience worse than a boss who just clearly doesn't get it. Whether they are charging employees for charging their phones or firing people over open mustard containers, these are the bosses that will make you glad you don't work for them.

With a hat tip to the Reddit forum r/ThanksManagement, check out these horrible bosses and have a look at what these poor employees have to deal with.

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    Late Notice Is Still Notice, Right?

    Glad you don't work here?
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    A Smell Check Will Be Completed

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    Glad you don't work here?
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    Or Maybe Try A Scooter

    Glad you don't work here?
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    Will A Quarter Cover It?

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    Glad you don't work here?