Natural Disasters

The Worst Mudslides In California History

California is no stranger to disasters. Earthquakes, wildfires, and droughts have all tested the survival skills of Californians, but none are powerful enough to keep Californians down for long. Another form of disaster that devastates many places throughout the state are mudflows, commonly referred to as mudslides. Mudflows are a common natural disaster that occur when wet earth causes large amounts of mud, water, and debris to flow down a slope at often high speeds. The most destructive mudslides in California history have caused death and mass destruction. 

Nature can be a terrifying thing as it shows the vulnerability human beings face by unrelenting and often unexpected natural disasters. The worst mudslides in California's history are no small reminder that it is impossible to fully prepare for any and all danger. This devastating force of nature can be more destructive than an earthquake and deadlier than a hurricane. The loss of life can be tremendous, even during the height of a drought. This list covers some worst California mudslides of all time.