The Worst Car Crashes In History

Automobile accidents are one of the biggest killers in America, and worldwide there are millions of car crash casualties every year. While more advanced safety features increase the likelihood of survival during impact, no one is completely immune to the dangers of the road. Deaths can be caused via injuries accrued in the accident, but crashes that result in explosions often lead to victims burning to death. The damage a single person can do behind the wheel of a car can be catastrophic, and the worst car crashes in history show us just how bad we can screw up. 

Around the world, car crashes occur each year. Oftentimes, accidents are minor, but often people are killed in particularly nasty crashes. While fatal car crashes are common, the deadliest car accidents in history are much more than your average fender bender. They involve deadly explosions, treacherous driving conditions, and a run of bad luck that would put any gambler out of business. This list will expose the horrifying realities of history's deadliest auto accidents, and hopefully shine a light on the dangers of gas siphoning.