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Mechanics Reveal Vehicles They Think You Should Never, Ever Drive

Updated November 8, 2019 597.1k views23 items

In many parts of the United States, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Public transportation is great, if it's available, but the rest of the world needs something with four wheels that moves. So which car is right for your lifestyle and commute?

Even if you can't differentiate one sedan from another, an SUV from a minivan, or a Jetta from a Jeep, you probably know to avoid certain vehicles- not just to preserve your safety but your pocketbook. When Reddit asked which car brands to avoid like the plague, mechanics and car enthusiasts were only too happy to give their two cents on the worst cars to buy.

Before you go kicking tires, check out the following recommendations to find out if your dream machine is actually a car you should never buy. Even if it's not quite the worst car ever made, these are considered the very worst vehicles to own - according to Reddit's self-proclaimed experts.

  • GMs With 3300, 3400, And 3900 V6 Engines

    From Redditor /u/anail1994:

    Actual mechanic here.

    Buy nothing from General Motors with the 3300, 3400, or 3900 V6 engines in them. They are unreliable trash and come from the "high value" platform. That means cheap, and not for you - cheap for General Motors.

    Poorly made parts all the way through and really awful engineering. The 3800 V6, on the other hand, is an amazing motor with only a few minor problems.

  • Renaults

    From Redditor /u/CrayRaysVaycay:

    My stepdad is a mechanic and always swore against Renaults due to them always having electrical issues. I didn't listen and bought myself a Renault Megane.

    Nine months down the line, the electric windows stopped working. Should have listened!

  • Mazda RX-8s

    From Redditor /u/ldg25:

    Son of a Mazda mechanic. If you live in the North, or anywhere it gets remotely cold, do not buy an RX-8.

    It won't work three to four months out of the year, and will need constant, expensive care in the other months.

  • Any GM, Chrysler, Or Nissan

    From Redditor /u/judgestorch:

    Been a shade tree mechanic in the US for more than 40 years...

    Nissan quality has fallen since their merger with Renault more than a decade ago. Worst auto transmissions in the industry now, made by JATCO.

    Chrysler has never really recovered in quality since their K-car/minivan rebirth days of the 1980s. There is a reason they've faced bankruptcies and had subsequent mergers with Daimler and Fiat.

    GM has shifted design and manufacturing overseas, mainly to Korea, for its passenger cars (which is an actual improvement from the crap they have been selling for decades). But the quality simply doesn't compare to Toyota or Honda. The same goes for Hyundai and Kia - mediocre quality at best.

    Ford probably ranks third in quality, behind Toyota and Honda.

    As cars have become more complicated to meet EPA and safety standards, reliability has dropped. There are miles of wiring, harness connectors, multiple computer control units, and countless sensors. It's almost impossible to make a car with high reliability and affordability at the same time, but the quality control at Toyota and Honda seems to outpace all others.