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Mechanics Reveal Vehicles They Think You Should Never, Ever Drive

Updated November 8, 2019 599.0k views23 items

In many parts of the United States, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Public transportation is great, if it's available, but the rest of the world needs something with four wheels that moves. So which car is right for your lifestyle and commute?

Even if you can't differentiate one sedan from another, an SUV from a minivan, or a Jetta from a Jeep, you probably know to avoid certain vehicles- not just to preserve your safety but your pocketbook. When Reddit asked which car brands to avoid like the plague, mechanics and car enthusiasts were only too happy to give their two cents on the worst cars to buy.

Before you go kicking tires, check out the following recommendations to find out if your dream machine is actually a car you should never buy. Even if it's not quite the worst car ever made, these are considered the very worst vehicles to own - according to Reddit's self-proclaimed experts.

  • Land Rovers

    From Redditor /u/Butt_Putnam:

    I know most people reading this aren't in the market for one, but Land Rovers are hot garbage.

    Expect [bad] electrical issues that have your mechanic chasing his tail for the life of the vehicle.

  • Out-Of-Warranty BMWs

    From Redditor /u/innerearinfarction:

    My mechanic tells me never to touch an out-of-warranty BMW.

    He owns two, and says the electronic gremlins have driven him insane, and are virtually unfixable by a non-dealer mechanic. They require circuit board replacements, proprietary software readers, etc.

  • Brands Aren't As Important As Transmission/Engine Combinations

    From Redditor /u/Sicknessindustries:

    American automotive engineer here, mechanic before that.

    Brands and models mean nothing. You need to go after or avoid specific engine or transmission combos. A same make and model year of a vehicle could have a 4-cylinder engine with great reliability, but a horrible 6-cylinder.

    An example of this would be any 3.0L V6 in Toyota Trucks and SUVs from 1988-1995. They are gutless, inefficient, and eat head-gaskets, whereas the 4-cylinders from that era are bulletproof.

    ​There are some really bad ones. Any full -ize Ford Superduty 6.0L Diesel has only four headbolts per cylinder like a gasoline engine, [so] the head gaskets blow anytime something small fails. GM full-size diesels use the Japanese engineered 6.6L Isuzu Duramax, which still commands high value.

    ​Google is your friend. Find the engine and transmission model numbers and do your research before buying.

  • Ford Focus (2012-2016)

    From Redditor /u/Sawl916:

    2012-2016 Ford Focuses.

    The clutches go CONSTANTLY, to the point where they made it a service bulletin. And it continues to happen after the warranty is up.