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TV And Film Fans Are Sharing The Worst Casting Choices Of All Time

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Over on Reddit, folks had a heated discussion regarding questionable casting decisions for TV shows and feature films. Whether misunderstanding a character that originated in a book, lack of chemistry between the leads, or just a bad decision all around, here are a few examples of bad casting made by fans who once had high hopes. 

  • Posted by u/desperatexmeasures:

    Eric Forman as Eddie Brock

    Posted by u/El_Gran_Redditor:

    "Venom's supposed to be a big square jawed bruiser. Find me the only person in Hollywood Tobey McGuire could believably bully."

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  • Photo: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

    Posted by u/toastman42:

    I think his performance for the concept of an autistic mad man super villain was great, that character just shouldn't have been Lex Luthor. I actually think that exact performance would have worked great as a gritty interpretation of The Riddler.

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  • Posted by u/k8rmom:

    Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades movies. [It's] painful how little chemistry those two had!

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    Wait. There Was A 'Dirty Dancing' Remake? 

    Photo: ABC

    Posted by u/blmo:

    Abigail Breslin as Baby in the ABC Dirty Dancing remake. It was awful.

    Posted by u/buttersf**kedup:

    Okay so this comment just angered me so much. I whole heartedly agree with you. I didn't even know they remade Dirty Dancing. I'm glad I didn't know. It's an abomination just from the trailer.

    Posted by u/melindaj20:

    The worst part is that they took a movie about dancing, and pretty much turned it in a musical. I watched clips of the "iconic" scenes on youtube and was appalled. My fiancee, who knows my love of Dirty Dancing, laughed at me for a week because I was frothing at the mouth anytime I remembered this piece of sh*t "remake".

    "Time of My Life" Ending Dance

    "Hungry Eyes Dance" Training Montage

    I mean look at this sh*t. The ending iconic dance to "Time of My Life" and they are singing. The focus of this whole DANCE movie was singing, while Abigail Breslin attempts to shift now and then in what I think is dancing.

    They couldn't find one dancer, one girl who looks like the girl next door and could dance? The "Hungry Eyes" training scene is unbelievably boring, bordering on depressing, they lack chemistry and make you want to do anything BUT watch the rest of this sh*t fest they call a movie.

    My apologies, I thought I had gotten over my hatred, but apparently this movie still sends me into a blinding rage. I should probably go lie down.

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