The Worst Falls From Grace Of 2017

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Celebrities who we used to like until they really screwed up in 2017. Vote up the biggest falls of them all.

Ah, 2017: another year, another crop of celebrities who screwed up and ruined what was left of their reputations. For some reason, 2017 has truly been the year of disappointing celebrities showing their true, unflattering colors. Has Mercury been in retrograde for an entire year? While it’s possible that that the stars aligned to create these falls from grace, it’s more likely that these disappointing famous people have always been awful and the world is just now finding out about it. Some of these stories kind of feel like a sucker punch to the gut by someone you used to admire.

2017 has also seen a slew of corporate social media fails proving how great the divide is between regular people and huge companies (but also how powerful social media can be) as well as a huge sex scandal surrounding movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Other famous falls from grace of 2017 include celebrities who broke custody agreements, celebrities who let down their fans, and celebrities who are straight-up creeps.  It's a long list, so if you need a self-care break just look at some cute photos of baby animals or giant anteaters just to remind you of how wonderful life can be. One creep, though, won’t be included on this list. Even though he’s the absolute worst, Donald Trump's fall from grace began long before trash year 2017. Keep reading and prepare to lose your faith in the concept of celebrity. Then, if you still seek more disappointment, see which celebrities messed up in 2019.

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