The Worst Falls From Grace Of 2018

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Welcome to the worst celebrities, 2018 edition. Unfortunately, these days there is no shortage of disappointing famous people. Whether they espouse hateful political stances, drop offensive remarks, engage in abhorrent behind-the-scenes behavior, or get arrested, this famous falls from grace 2018 list is bound to leave you questioning whether every celebrity you admire is secretly a terrible person. These disappointing celebrities make you wonder whether you can ever truly enjoy their work again. 

While some celebrities who screwed up in 2018 may make a comeback, some will likely never walk the red carpet again. Some celebrity scandals of 2018 can be undone with an apology and some PR work, but many 2018 falls from grace are the result of truly unforgivable behavior.

If you're prepared to question everything you know about the celebrities you love, read up on the biggest scandals of the year. Wondering how this year's scandals compare to the last? Check out this list of 2017 celebrity falls from grace. You can also make your predictions for celebrity scandals in 2019 and then see who is disappointing us in 2019.

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