The Worst Celebrity Parents of 2018

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Unfortunately, news stories regarding celebrity parents often involve depressing tales of child rearing at its worst. The tabloids love scandals, so it's unsurprising tales of bad celebrity parents so frequently hit the headlines. Bad celebrity moms and bad celebrity dads are an all too frequent subject on the Hollywood gossip scene. This list will cover the worst celebrity parenting moves in 2018. 

Some famous bad mothers and fathers are merely mildly embarrassing to their offspring. However, some abusive celebrity parents put their children through some unforgivable turmoil. Some of the worst celebrities in real life perhaps should have foregone parenthood altogether. 

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    Kim Kardashian posted a picture to her Instagram account on February 8. In the image, she's topless – but that's not what has some followers upset. The pic was snapped by North West, Kardashian's daughter with Kanye West. Some people called the photo "revolting" or "disturbing," while others rushed to defend Kardashian.

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    Chrissy Teigen Was Criticized For Dangerous Playground Behavior


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    On January 6, Chrissy Teigen posted a seemingly innocuous picture of her and her daughter, Luna, going down a slide at a playground. However, fellow parents were quick to critique Teigen for the supposedly unsafe behavior. Users claimed Luna was improperly positioned, as her left foot was in between Teigen's leg and the edge of the slide. Infuriated commenters said Luna's leg could easily be crushed against the side of the slide or twisted around the outside, causing a facture or a break.

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