18 'Choosing Beggars' Who Will Make You Want To Punch Your Screen

They say beggars can't be choosers, but these people didn't get the memo. These are the people who lowball you on Craigslist, constantly demand things of you they're not entittled to, and even complain that something isn't good enough when it's free (no seriously.)

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  • 1. Playing The Field

    Playing The Field
    Photo: Reddit
    13,978 votes
  • 2. Bad Sofa Dad

    Bad Sofa Dad
    Photo: Reddit
    12,514 votes
  • 3. I'll Get You Back Next Week

    I'll Get You Back Next Week
    Photo: Reddit
    10,834 votes
  • 4. Doesn't Life Experience Count?

    11,872 votes
  • 5. Get What You Paid For

    Get What You Paid For
    Photo: u/Texlad22
    7,856 votes
  • 6. Waste Of Time

    Waste Of Time
    Photo: Reddit
    9,047 votes