People Share The Worst Christmas Gifts They've Ever Received

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The holiday season brings many opportunities for gift giving and receiving. Although it is true that it's the thought that counts, it's safe to say most people have a relative or friend that consistently seems to give no thought to their gifting process. In the spirit of giving, people on Reddit are happily sharing the worst Christmas gifts they've ever received. 

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    A Lego Box With No Legos

    From Reddit u/Schnabelverstaerker:

    My grandma's sister once got me a Lego box filled with advertising brochures saying that I was too old for Lego and that I better practice reading.

    She gave the Lego to her own grandchildren, by the way.

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    From Reddit u/drunkenmonk693:

    Funnels. A few years back, we were celebrating at my in-laws and my wife's sister had been on a sewing kick. She made nice fleece blankets each with different designs. Everyone was super happy with theirs, and then it came to me. She handed me a plastic shopping bag and inside were 2 little plastic funnels.

    With a big sh*t eating grin she looks at me and says, "You like cooking right?" I would have preferred nothing at all. Being forgotten is better than having to swallow that in front of family.

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    Three Individual Socks

    From Reddit u/HotCrustyBuns:

    Three individual socks. For my birthday in February, I received three more socks to complete what I assume was the pack of three pair.

    These came from my aunt and uncle, who regularly take six-week vacations around the globe.

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    Crossword Puzzle Book

    From Reddit u/Coffeeminion:

    A crossword puzzle book with most of the puzzles halfway solved (and one or two completed).

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    A Pair Of Jeans In The Wrong Size

    From Reddit u/Sumo_Cerebro:

    Grandma got me a pair a jeans that were way too small with a card that read, "Lose some weight, then maybe you will fit into these."

    I was beyond furious, and our relationship was never the same. I didn't shed a tear when she passed away.

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    Baby Clothes

    From Reddit u/MerylSquirrel:

    Baby clothes. I wasn't pregnant, wasn't trying to be pregnant, had no children, and was quite slim so there's no chance I even looked like maybe I was pregnant.

    Never plucked up the courage to ask for an explanation.