The Most Messed Up Things McGuirk Did on Home Movies

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Many people watch Bob's Burgers and Archer nowadays, and many people greatly enjoy the voice of H. Jon Benjamin. However, too many forget that he once played a character named Coach McGuirk who was truly the scourge of human kind. And everyone loved him. Seriously, the guy was deplorable, said some very distressing things, and committed terrible acts that make him anything but a role model. But despite all of the worst things coach McGuirk did, you can't help but adore him as one of your favorite characters on Home Movies

Let's face it, Coach McGuirk being a jerk is easily one of the best reasons to watch the show. His dialogue is sarcastic, biting, and just plain wrong. His actions left you shocked at how horrible he can be. It would be impossible to list every single terrible thing he did, but here is a fairly comprehensive list of just the best worst moments.

So, which of these do you think are the worst coach McGuirk moments on Home Movies? You can vote on the list items below, and laugh at some of your favorite moments in the show's history. Don't worry, coach McGuirk doesn't judge.  These are some the very best Coach McGuirk Home Movies moments.