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The Worst College Basketball Coaches of All Time

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The worst basketball coaches of all time are those unique NCAA Men's Basketball coaches who are actually hated by fans of their team but loved by fans of opposing teams for one reason or another. Unlike the best college basketball coaches of all time, these men led their team into the gutter, broke the rules and made some really awful decisions to earn a place on this list.

While the absolute worst college basketball coach of all time is up for debate, one name frequently finds its way to the top of these lists: Dave Bliss. It wasn't the 61-57 record he had over four seasons at Baylor that made him a bad coach, it was his role in the aftermath when one of his players murdered another. Add in recruiting and other NCAA violations and he is easily among the worst college basketball coaches ever.

Others on this list had really impressive coaching records but did one thing or another to disgrace their personal reputation. Bobby Knight won three NCAA Men's Basketball Championships but add in his rape jokes, racism, verbal diarrhea and other unsavory confrontations and his missteps make a good argument to outweigh his accomplishments.

Even the best current college basketball coaches are certainly not saints and plenty have losing records but few will ever fall as far as these disgraced college basketball coaches have. How do you rank the worst NCAA Basketball coaches? Be it by their miserable records of their abuse of players and NCAA violations, rank them below!