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The Most Annoying College Party Themes Ever

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Not to sound like an old coot, but back in the good old days, there wasn't one single party that was anywhere as near as the crazy parties that college students are having these days. Today, the college theme parties that are being thrown are so lavish that they make that party scene in Eyes Wide Shut look tame. From ABC parties to parties that happen completely in the dark, the world of themed parties is a strange one, and it was a true pleasure to put together this list of the most annoying college party themes ever.

Maybe while you’re reading this list of the most annoying college theme parties you’ll get some party theme ideas of your own that will blow all of the themes already listed out of the water. Or maybe you’ll become even more jaded about the future leaders of America. Either way, there are a lot of annoying and funny party themes on this list. From the party where you let people paint on you (no thanks), to the party where you continue to reinforce racial stereotypes that have been systematically ingrained in us since birth (extra triple nope), this is the list that keeps on giving.

Vote up the most annoying party themes, and if you’ve been to an even more annoying college theme party than the ones listed, please add them to the list.
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