15 Students Share Their Worst College Professor Stories To Prepare You For Higher Education

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College students: vote up the worst college professor stories you're glad you didn't experience.

At this point, you probably know that college isn't just parties and extracurriculars. It's hard work. And sometimes, your professors make things even harder. These bad college professor stories will prepare you for the worst of what college has to offer. Vote up the worst stories and learn what to expect in college.

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    He Made A Group Project Count For 80 Percent Of The Final Grade

    From Redditor u/Phat_Munky:

    My speech professor assigned a group project at the end of the semester worth over 80% of our entire grade. I did not make a single mistake. My group-mates on the other hand... one cried while talking because she was so nervous, and the other's ringtone of "gotta catch em all" went off during his talking time. I got a B on that project. I got a B as my final grade, instead of the A I had maintained all semester and deserved. F*ck him and f*ck that class.

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    She Humiliated A Student For Showing Up Late

    From Redditor u/james18205:

    If you were late to class, don't show up. That's what he told us the first week. One kid showed up 2 minutes late for an exam and the professor made him stand in the front of the class and she humiliated the kid for 10 minutes. Told him to drop the class and never show up again. We were in shock.

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    They Spoke In French But It Wasn't French Class

    From Redditor u/zach2992:

    Spoke to us in French on the first day and showed us French movies without subtitles.

    It wasn't French class.

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    He Never Let His Students Know What They Were Doing Wrong

    From Redditor u/0vinq0:

    I didn't have this professor, but I tutored his students. It was a mess. The class was one of the most notoriously difficult required engineering courses to start. He never returned assignments, quizzes, or tests. He assigned a grade and you never saw your work again. So the students had no way of knowing what they were doing wrong. They were all mysteriously getting the exact same grades, too, despite sitting apart during exams. I had 5 of the 8 remaining students in the class in my tutoring sessions. He also couldn't work through his own examples and would give up halfway through. So these students had no idea what they were doing right or wrong. There were some very angry evaluations given at the end.

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    He Made The Class Buy His Textbook That Wasn't Even Published

    From Redditor u u/PM_ME_TOFU:

    I had a professor, who like many professors, made the class buy a textbook he wrote. However, his was not published. It was just 400+ pages of his handwritten nonsense that had been xeroxed.

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    He Was A Major Over-Sharer

    From Redditor u/makeitbluewhydontyou:

    Once had a lecturer that was a bit mental and really terrible at his job. He also liked to overshare. One of the worst things he told us is how is was a very tender lover.

    Traumatised. For. Life.