The Worst Comedies Ever Made

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The worst comedy movies of all time are definitely bad but which should be at the top of this list. The dumbest comedies ever have terrible jokes and bad timing. Those are just a few factors that go into being considered one of the worst comedies ever made. It shouldn't be too hard to make people laugh but these films aren't up to the task. Many of these comedies, in theory, should be funny especially when you consider the topics its tackling. The main culprit on this list is spoof movies. These so-called comedies set out to lampoon other popular movies, but ultimately fall flat. Examples of these include Disaster Movie and Meet The Spartans.

Spoofs aren't the only subgenre of comedy that comprises this list. Ill-timed or ill-imagined sequels are also among the worst comedies ever made. Whomever green lit Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Son of the Mask, The Pink Panther 2 and Superbabies: Baby Genuises 2 probably isn't looking back on those decisions too fondly. These movies are not only considered some of the worst comedies ever made, but also some of the worst movies period.

Here is your chance to pick what movie deserves the title of the worst comedy ever made. There are some pretty bad comedies on this list, but there's always room to add more that may not have been included.

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