15 People Reveal Their Worst Company Holiday Party Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Workers and partiers: vote up the worst holiday party stories you wouldn't want to replicate.

The company holiday party is a yearly tradition. Usually these corporate get togethers are fun, if not a little awkward. But every once in a while things go terribly wrong. These people are sharing their worst company Christmas party stories so you don't replicate them and end up being gossiped about around the water cooler next year. Read, cringe at, and vote up your favorite corporate holiday party stories!

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    The Guy Who "Never Drinks" Got Aggressively Drunk

    From Redditor u/hmfiddlesworth:

    The guy who apparently never drinks gets hold of some hard liquor. After drinking A LOT, like an amount that would render most blackout drunk, he starts getting a bit flirtatious with the much younger female staff. Things quickly escalate and he starts grabbing girls, cornering them, etc. Eventually, he starts getting aggressive when they refuse his disgusting advances. He gets dragged/carried outside and his wife is called to come and fetch him. Sh*t storm ensues because his family insists he has never touched alcohol before and someone must have forced him to drink. Various complaints are laid against him, but due to his insistence that he was forced to drink, all complaints are dropped. Following year the party was a few sandwiches in the tea room. All work parties were canceled after that.

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    A Coworker Embarrassed Herself So Badly, She Never Came Back To Work

    From Redditor u/nickmcsnapz:

    We went to the races for a Christmas party, one of the girls got drunk, urinated on herself on the member's balcony then pulled her drenched underwear down and threw it off the balcony into the crowd. She never came back to work after that lol.

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    Promised A 5-Star Buffet But Were Forced To Work Overtime Instead

    From Redditor u/coturnixxx:

    What we were promised: closing early, going to a 5-star buffet restaurant all courtesy of the boss, splitting the gifts clients gave us.

    What we got: forced to work overtime, the boss bought us a bag of stale donuts and we had a mandatory "party" at the office where we were forced to watch Meghan Trainor music videos for 3 hours. Oh, and the boss took home all of the gifts.

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    Rented Out A Venue With Rats In The Lights

    From Redditor u/Luckboy28:

    We rented space at a big venue.

    They had to stop the party because giant rats got stuck in the fluorescent light fixtures (between the bulbs and the plastic cover). So you'd look up, and see rats running in circles overhead.

    This place was catering the entire meal from their own in-house kitchen.

    Everybody quickly dumped their food and walked out.

    When management was told about the rats, they shrugged it off and sent a guy who just happened to have a huge ladder and a net. This was clearly a regular occurrence.

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    "Only Mixed Drinks Allowed" Turned Into Swiping Bottles From The Bar

    From Redditor u/kermit2014:

    The bar was only supposed to serve mixed drinks, but no one was told. Immediately after dinner a crowd forms around the bar and one overly zealous employee starts ordering shots for everyone in arms reach. The president of the company was wasted and lost his shirt at one point. A girl thought it would be a good idea to try and pilfer a bottle from the bar. Everyone in that small room was completely wasted except the designated drivers. That was the last Christmas party they had.

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    A Gift Exchange Got Awkward Quickly Because Of An Entitled Coworker

    From Redditor u/CarsenAF:

    We had a white elephant gift exchange. Pretty much every gift was a bottle of alcohol or a gift card. One person selected their gift and opened it and it was just a 4 pack of toilet paper. He tried to laugh but was obviously annoyed. Acted like a brat every gift opening after. Someone gets a gift card, a sarcastic " Ohhh, wanna trade? ", or " Lucky you... ". The last gift is opened and he just goes on a rant about how unfair it is everyone got a decent gift and he's stuck with toilet paper. Demanded to know who the cheapskate was who couldn't be bothered enough to buy a decent gift but was gladly going home with something someone else bought. A shy girl from another department raised her hand and quietly said " I brought the gift, did you look on the bottom? ". Sure enough, he flips the toilet paper over and there are 2 tickets to an NBA game taped to the bottom. The guy turned red, quietly apologized, and sat down. He left like 2 minutes later without a goodbye to anyone.