Current TV Couples You Hope Break Up  

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TV shippers have some very strong opinions about who should and should not be together. As they should. Shipping drives a show. Unshipping can also drive a show. Fans want the best for their favorite characters and don't want them to become one of the worst TV couples. They like to get mad at their TV screens and yell advice on Twitter. It’s exciting to see attraction build between two characters, but it’s also annoying when they are wrong for each other, have zero chemistry, and/or are blocking a better relationship. Also, sometimes people just need to be alone and not all hugged up with someone.  

TV viewers invest time and emotion and want to see certain couples come together, but that also means that someone’s gotta get their heart broken. Which is also good TV. Some couples just need to call it quicks, be friends, and move on, others need to change their address and phone number or at the very least, ghost the other person. Some characters are so ruthless and controlled, they need to break up so hard, the sunset will crack and bleed.  

What happens when you get your wish? Do you want to see your favorite person in the couple all mopey or would you rather see a montage where they look and feel better than they ever have? Let’s face it, some people should not get together, stay together, or, in some cases, ever see each other again.  

There are those annoying TV couples who should have never gotten together in the first place, or you just want to see implode. The worst current TV couples seem to be operating at the end of the puppet strings of the writers. On again, off again. It can get old and tiring for the characters and the viewers. Sometimes you want to see a couple break out of a rut. After all, this isn’t real life so they can try new things, right?  

Which of these current TV couples of 2016-2017 need to break up? Who are you placing your bets on? Vote them to the top and let’s hope the TV gods where hear your plea.

Jaime and Cersei Lannister is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Current TV Couples You Hope Break Up
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Jaime and Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones  

Incest, rape at their son’s funeral (on the TV show), jealousy, and Cersei general lack of regard for her twin brother lover… all reasons for these two to shut that whole thing down. Brienne might be a good choice for Jaime, if she get can over who his ex will be. 
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Piper Chapman and Alex Vause is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Current TV Couples You Hope Break Up
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Piper Chapman and Alex Vause

Orange Is the New Black  

Piper has her distractions (Stella), but Piper is not every fully over, especially since they're in lock up together or a phone call away to a parole officer. Just when we think Alex is bad for Piper, Piper turns out to be pretty bad for Alex. Is it time to say this relationship has served its time?
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Lucious Lyon and Anika Calhoun is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Current TV Couples You Hope Break Up
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Lucious Lyon and Anika Calhoun


They may be over, they may not be. But Cookie is gunning for “fake Halle Berry” and unless she’s made of steel, Anika needs to stay away. Or is she actually really good for Lucious? 
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Olivia Pope and Fitz is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Current TV Couples You Hope Break Up
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Olivia Pope and Fitz


Yes, in a perfect world Fitz and Olivia should be together, but what would that look like exactly? Will their lives always be fraught with drama and intrigue? How stable can a couple be with all of those people trying to kill/ruin/entrap them? At least Jake has the training to keep them both from being blown to bits on their honeymoon.
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